Pubg mobile on pc – Download Pubg Play free on PC

Pubg mobile on pc. It is simple and completely free, just install the software bluestacks emulator Android you can enjoy the game as mobile game on Steam Steam. Game pubg is a survival game is now famous on the computer through Steam, but the Steam version on the PC to buy new games to play, many of you are not available to buy Steam version of the mobile version of the PC. Well, many players are even bigger than on Steam, but graphics are not bad on Steam is how much.

Introduction to Game PUBG Mobile

From PUBG stands for ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’, the hottest survival game in the world today. Today, I’m going to help you experience the mobile version 99% of the original version completely free.

The game is extremely harsh, you must show all your ability to speed up, sometimes also have the luck … You 99 players are sent to a desert island, where this is a remnant of a once-turbulent war, now with no inhabitants, you and the players are dropped on the island. To survive you need to find items, weapons, equipment, hidden and defeat opponents. The war is extremely different, and unexpected surprises can come at any time and the survivors will be legendary and hugging the rewards.

To play PUBG Mobile on your computer, you need to play through the software BlueStacks, BlueStacks is an android emulator software on the computer, so when installing PUBG Mobile version, you need to install BlueStacks software then install PUBG game Mobile on the PC and begin to experience. Please download the link below, completely free and without ads.

Download Pubg mobile on pc

Download Free now

How to install Pubg mobile on pc

After the file is downloaded successfully, open the file and select install.

Wait a few minutes the software will complete and complete the message.

And you open the software BlueStack and enter gmail account, this account is used to download PUBG games on CHplay, as downloaded on the phone.

After logging in, you go to the BlueStack application, go to Google play, search and find the keyword PUBG mobile and download.

Good luck

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